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Change subject: [util] minor clean-up on kudu::Subprocess

Patch Set 1:

File src/kudu/util/

PS1, Line 353: unique_ptr< DIR, std::function<void(DIR*)> >
> could also use MakeScopedCleanup here
ok, thank you for the suggestion.  Though, I think to keep unique_ptr, if there 
are no strong objections.

PS1, Line 353: unique_ptr< DIR, std::function<void(DIR*)> >
> Nit: remove the spaces separating the triangular brackets from other stuff 
Nope, the compiler could not do that because, as I understand, the signature of 
the constructor cannot override the explicitly specified template spec.   The 
shared_ptr has different signature, btw.

PS1, Line 445:   if (state_ != kRunning) {
             :     return Status::IllegalState("Sub-process is not running");
             :   }
> I don't know about this. My impression is that the intent here was to be sy
I think that calling abort() or using other ways to abruptly terminate a 
program is only for cases when it's not possible to handle an error 
consistently both for the caller and the callee.  Here we can report on a error 
related to the illegal state via return code without other side-effects.  Why 
not to do it that way?

I can add DCHECK() here if you think debug assert is needed.

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