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Change subject: KUDU-1612 - [python] Enable setting of read mode for scanning

Patch Set 2:

File python/kudu/client.pyx:

Line 1305:                 "Snapshot Timestamps be greater than the unix 
> is there a way that we can return the error status returned by SetSnapshotM
We wouldn't get that far here really, the error returned otherwise is an 
overflow error b/c of the unsigned int and I didnt think that would be 
File python/kudu/tests/

Line 122:         self.snapshot_timestamp = datetime.datetime.utcnow()
> there is no guarantee that the snapshot timestamp will be in between the de
Since this op is being flushed why would it not be guaranteed? Since its 
blocking the call, would that not guarantee that the latest observed timestamp 
after the op is at least less than this "snapshot timestamp"?  I get that using 
the latest observed timestamp is probably better form but I want to make sure I 
understand, also the TestScanAtSnapshot C++ test seems to also use system time, 
so we may need to fix that as well if its an issue.

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