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Change subject: [tools] Implement a manual leader_step_down for a tablet

Patch Set 1:


Please also update kudu-tool-test's help tests with the new action.
Commit Message:

PS1, Line 12:   
Nit: got an extra space here.

PS1, Line 18: tablet
You mean 'table' here, right?
File src/kudu/tools/

PS1, Line 178:     Status s = itest::GetConsensusState(ts,
             :                                         tablet_id,
MonoDelta::FromSeconds(10), &cstate);
             :     if (!s.ok()) {
             :       return s;
             :     }
Just use RETURN_NOT_OK(...).

Line 198:   int num_retries = 0;
Why is this defined way up here instead of closer to where it's used?

PS1, Line 204: CHECK_EQ
Use ASSERT_* instead of CHECK_* since all of these are on the main test thread.

Line 218:   CHECK_EQ(master_reported_leader, current_leader);
The leader can change between the GetInfoFromConsensus calls and L213, right? 
If so, isn't this unsafe?

PS1, Line 230:     // Wait for re-election to happen again.
             :     // 3 seconds picked to accommodate consensus heartbeat 
Use AssertEventually() to make this more robust, and to minimize the amount of 
sleeping actually needed.

PS1, Line 241:   CHECK_OK(GetTabletLeaderUUIDFromMaster(tablet_id_, 
             :   CHECK_EQ(master_reported_leader, new_leader);
Again, the leader can change whenever, so this doesn't seem safe.

Line 264:   CHECK_EQ(master_reported_leader, "");
Let's not check this. It's a common calling convention that if a function 
fails, it doesn't set any OUT parameters, and we don't need to verify that 

PS1, Line 271:   CHECK_EQ(current_leader, "");
             :   CHECK_EQ(current_term, 0);
Likewise here, which means you needn't initialize current_term.
File src/kudu/tools/

PS1, Line 194:   Status s = GetTabletLeader(client, tablet_id, &leader_uuid, 
Consider consolidating from here to ResolveAddresses in a helper function, used 
from ChangeConfig too. It'd need a toggle to specify whether NotFound is fatal 
or not.

PS1, Line 198: else if (!s.ok()) {
             :     return s;
             :   }
To pile on with Tidy Bot, just do RETURN_NOT_OK(s) after the not found check.

PS1, Line 209:   ServerStatusPB status;
             :   RETURN_NOT_OK(GetServerStatus(, 
leader_hp.port(), &status));
What's this for? I don't see status used anywhere.

PS1, Line 224:  return Status::RemoteError(resp.ShortDebugString());
Why not return StatusFromPB(resp.error().status()) like ConfigChange?

PS1, Line 274: "Request the current leader of the "
             :         "tablet(if present) to step down"
Nit: reformat as "Force the tablet's leader replica (if present) to step down".

PS1, Line 278: "Comma-separated list of Kudu Master addresses where each 
address is "
             :         "of form 'hostname:port'"
I admit, this one was my bad, but can you consolidate all of these descriptions 
in a global string constant like for kMasterAddressesArg?

PS1, Line 280: "Tablet Identifier"
Likewise for this, it's copied extensively.

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