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Change subject: thirdparty: split into dependency groups

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Line 29: "instrumented_msan" dependency group).
> Will this actually work for msan, though?  My understanding is that msan re
You're probably right. I'm working on a follow-up patch that rebuilds the C 
dependencies for TSAN too.
File thirdparty/

PS1, Line 86: #
> leftover

Line 91:       CHANGED_FILE_COUNT=$(find . -cnewer $STAMP_FILE | wc -l)
> Consider adding '-type f' into the find options.  If directory (especially 
I don't think it matters much either way. This case is so very rare (basically 
for developers who are annoyed at thirdparty rebuilds when testing out of a 
tarball install) that I don't think we need to optimize for a tarball whose 
contents actually changes.
File thirdparty/

Line 363:   build_protobuf
> hmm.  I think what this is saying, is that protobuf (and the others below) 
Yes, that's true, and it is something of a functional regression from before. 
But, I also think it's such a rarely used feature that it's not a huge deal 
either way. I only use " <lib>" on a fully-formed thirdparty 
tree when I want to rebuild a single library.

We can certainly revisit this if there are complaints; it's relatively easy to 

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