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Change subject: [tools] added insert-generated-rows into kudu tools

Patch Set 15:

File src/kudu/tools/CMakeLists.txt:

PS15, Line 108: ADD_KUDU_TEST(kudu-test)
              : ADD_KUDU_TEST_DEPENDENCIES(kudu-test
              :   kudu)
> Why not reuse kudu-tool-test, which is where all of the new CLI tests (apar
Good idea, will do.  I was not sure where to put it; probably I should have 
asked for an advice.
File src/kudu/tools/

Line 37: 
> These are nice, but can we at least verify that something was written with 
The exact row count is verified by the utility itself if adding '-run_scan' 
flag (this is so for all tests besides the very first one which runs with 
default parameters).

Do you mean we want to verify the exact data which has been written?  I.e., 
read it back and compare with the data which was inserted into the table?
File src/kudu/tools/

Line 110: #include "kudu/util/random.h"
> Nit: should precee stopwatch (surprised Tidy Bot didn't mention it?)
Good catch, will update.

So, it seems there is a hope -- not all our jobs are going to disappear due to 
automation and AI :)

Probably, there is a bug in Tidy Bot.  I'm just speculating here, but it might 
be related to the fact that this header comes last in the list (it might be 
off-by-one mistake or alike).

PS15, Line 152: options allows "
              :             "to keep
> Nit: option retains

PS15, Line 156: is not in effect
> Nit: has no effect

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