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Change subject: [tools] Implement a manual leader_step_down for a tablet

Patch Set 9:


 > There is one extra instance of "master_addresses" string literal
 > and corresponding description in tool_action_test.cc.  Could you
 > updated that to use the common constant as well?

TFTR, that instance was missing since I hadn't rebased on top of your latest 
tool change I think, rebased and updated now.

File src/kudu/tools/tool_action_common.cc:

PS9, Line 102: hostname:port
> Nit: do you want to add that the 'port' part could be omitted if the master
I guess so, although I would like to punt this into another patch after making 
sure all the RPCs used by the toolset comply to that theory.

PS9, Line 104: I
> Nit: Is capitalization of 'i' intentional?
Sort of. I think we could be bit more consistent here; this was more in the 
spirit of 'Tablet Server, Kudu Master'.. and so on although comparison isn't 
really apple-to-apple. We have also used 'block identifier' to counter my 
argument here.

File src/kudu/tools/tool_action_common.h:

PS9, Line 81: extern
> Does 'extern' have to be present due to some compilation issues?  I would e
Fixed the ordering. About 'extern', I remember looking up cpp guideline for 
this, since I couldn't find anything, I followed the existing code's policy. 
Besides, explicit keyword provides a really strong readability.

File src/kudu/tools/tool_action_tablet.cc:

PS9, Line 175: string tablet_id
> nit: const string& tablet_id ?

Line 246:         "to step down")
> nit: parameter/line continuation shift is 4 spaces.
I am not clear about this. Guideline seems to say : "start the arguments on a 
new line indented by four spaces and continue at that 4 space indent". This 
isn't necessarily starting the argument on a newline. I remember following what 
other files have followed here, for eg take a look at tool_action_*.cc. If 
needed correction, I can fix them all in this change or a different change.

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