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Change subject: [c++client/samples] added README for the sample

Patch Set 3:


Some style, wording, and grammar nits. Don't have the chance to test out the 
instructions atm.

File src/kudu/client/samples/README.adoc:

PS3, Line 6: of
remove extra "of"

PS3, Line 7:  
add "the"

PS3, Line 7: demonstates
nit: missing r "demonstrates"

PS3, Line 7: which
nit: s/which/that/

PS3, Line 9:  
add "the"

PS3, Line 16: at Kudu's Web site
"on Kudu's website" or "on the Kudu website"

PS3, Line 17: at
I like "on" best here, but "for" or "in" work. "at" doesn't sound right to me.

PS3, Line 17: `kudu-client0`
"`kudu-client0`package" or something to identify what it is

PS3, Line 25:  
add "a"

PS3, Line 27: is also possible but it is not recommended
style nit: "is possible but is not recommended"

PS3, Line 28: level of
style nit: remove

PS3, Line 30: E.g.
nit: say "For example" when starting a sentence instead of e.g.

PS3, Line 39: Unpack the `sample.cc.gz` file:
I would just combine this step with the previous one, to make a single 
"navigate to the directory and unpack" step

PS3, Line 44: just use `debug` for `CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE` correspondingly
style nit: "use `debug` in place of `release` in the command below"

PS3, Line 59:  
add "one" or "you"-- I think "you" is more in keeping with the rest of the doc

PS3, Line 63: if building
s/if building/to build/

PS3, Line 65: the directory
nit: remove

PS3, Line 68: E.g.
style nit: as above, s/E.g./For example/

PS3, Line 68:  
add "an"

PS3, Line 75: E.g.
Same nit as above

PS3, Line 80: just use `debug` for `CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE` correspondingly
style nit: "use `debug` in place of `release` in the command below"

PS3, Line 85: and
extra "and"

Line 88: 
Could you add a sample invocation and indicate what the user should see if the 
sample runs successfully?

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