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Change subject: KUDU-1508: script for testing presence of bug and finding upper 

KUDU-1508: script for testing presence of bug and finding upper bounds

This patch introduces a script that tests for the presence of KUDU-1508 and
establishes a "safe" upper bound on the number of extents an ext4 file can
have before it becomes vulnerable to the bug. The upper bound is actually a
function of the filesystem's block size, since that's the granularity on
which hole punching operates.

When run on my laptop (Ubuntu 16.04):

  This kernel is not vulnerable to KUDU-1508, skipping test

When run on ve0518 (an el6.6 box):

  This kernel is vulnerable to KUDU-1508, finding per-block size upper bounds
  Block size 1024: searching for block number upper bound (MIN=0,MAX=16384)
  Block size 1024: 8192 bad (MIN=0,MAX=16384)
  Block size 1024: 4095 bad (MIN=0,MAX=8191)
  Block size 1024: 2047 bad (MIN=0,MAX=4094)
  Block size 1024: 1023 bad (MIN=0,MAX=2046)
  Block size 1024: 511 good (MIN=0,MAX=1022)
  Block size 1024: 767 bad (MIN=512,MAX=1022)
  Block size 1024: 639 good (MIN=512,MAX=766)
  Block size 1024: 703 bad (MIN=640,MAX=766)
  Block size 1024: 671 good (MIN=640,MAX=702)
  Block size 1024: 687 bad (MIN=672,MAX=702)
  Block size 1024: 679 bad (MIN=672,MAX=686)
  Block size 1024: 675 bad (MIN=672,MAX=678)
  Block size 1024: 673 good (MIN=672,MAX=674)
  Block size 1024: upper bound found at 673
  Block size 2048: searching for block number upper bound (MIN=0,MAX=16384)
  Block size 2048: 8192 bad (MIN=0,MAX=16384)
  Block size 2048: 4095 bad (MIN=0,MAX=8191)
  Block size 2048: 2047 bad (MIN=0,MAX=4094)
  Block size 2048: 1023 good (MIN=0,MAX=2046)
  Block size 2048: 1535 bad (MIN=1024,MAX=2046)
  Block size 2048: 1279 good (MIN=1024,MAX=1534)
  Block size 2048: 1407 bad (MIN=1280,MAX=1534)
  Block size 2048: 1343 good (MIN=1280,MAX=1406)
  Block size 2048: 1375 bad (MIN=1344,MAX=1406)
  Block size 2048: 1359 bad (MIN=1344,MAX=1374)
  Block size 2048: 1351 good (MIN=1344,MAX=1358)
  Block size 2048: 1355 bad (MIN=1352,MAX=1358)
  Block size 2048: 1353 good (MIN=1352,MAX=1354)
  Block size 2048: upper bound found at 1353
  Block size 4096: searching for block number upper bound (MIN=0,MAX=16384)
  Block size 4096: 8192 bad (MIN=0,MAX=16384)
  Block size 4096: 4095 bad (MIN=0,MAX=8191)
  Block size 4096: 2047 good (MIN=0,MAX=4094)
  Block size 4096: 3071 bad (MIN=2048,MAX=4094)
  Block size 4096: 2559 good (MIN=2048,MAX=3070)
  Block size 4096: 2815 bad (MIN=2560,MAX=3070)
  Block size 4096: 2687 good (MIN=2560,MAX=2814)
  Block size 4096: 2751 bad (MIN=2688,MAX=2814)
  Block size 4096: 2719 good (MIN=2688,MAX=2750)
  Block size 4096: 2735 bad (MIN=2720,MAX=2750)
  Block size 4096: 2727 bad (MIN=2720,MAX=2734)
  Block size 4096: 2723 bad (MIN=2720,MAX=2726)
  Block size 4096: 2721 good (MIN=2720,MAX=2722)
  Block size 4096: upper bound found at 2721

Change-Id: I710918a153a9e8e05e989fe63281891c9ebc7178
A src/kudu/experiments/KUDU-1508/hole_punch_range.c
A src/kudu/experiments/KUDU-1508/run_test.sh
2 files changed, 234 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

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