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Change subject: WIP: KUDU-798 (part 5) Safe time advancement in the absense of 

WIP: KUDU-798 (part 5) Safe time advancement in the absense of writes

Mostly getting some jenkins mileage but the design should be close
to the final one.

This is a WIP that needs to be broken down further but that summarily
adds the following:

- Removes the clock from MvccManager - Since safe time is now managed
  by the TimeManager there is no need for Mvcc to have one internally.
- Changes how we wait for "all committed" in MvccManager. Previously
  we would wait for a clean snapshot. Now we instead wait for all
  transactions before the timestamp to be committed even if the
  clean timestamp doesn't advance. This is because without leader
  leases the safe time can go back, but moving the clean time back
  would break a lot of things internally.
- Plugs the TimeManager in consensus/queue and calls its methods

Change-Id: I8532fdb069c8bee7f3e08ffe74cab0273885cc8e
M java/kudu-client/src/test/java/org/apache/kudu/client/TestHybridTime.java
M src/kudu/consensus/consensus.h
M src/kudu/consensus/consensus.proto
M src/kudu/consensus/consensus_peers-test.cc
M src/kudu/consensus/consensus_queue-test.cc
M src/kudu/consensus/consensus_queue.cc
M src/kudu/consensus/consensus_queue.h
M src/kudu/consensus/raft_consensus.cc
M src/kudu/consensus/raft_consensus.h
M src/kudu/consensus/raft_consensus_quorum-test.cc
M src/kudu/consensus/raft_consensus_state.cc
M src/kudu/consensus/raft_consensus_state.h
M src/kudu/integration-tests/linked_list-test-util.h
M src/kudu/integration-tests/raft_consensus-itest.cc
M src/kudu/tablet/compaction-test.cc
M src/kudu/tablet/deltamemstore-test.cc
M src/kudu/tablet/diskrowset-test-base.h
M src/kudu/tablet/major_delta_compaction-test.cc
M src/kudu/tablet/memrowset-test.cc
M src/kudu/tablet/mvcc-test.cc
M src/kudu/tablet/mvcc.cc
M src/kudu/tablet/mvcc.h
M src/kudu/tablet/tablet.cc
M src/kudu/tablet/tablet_peer.cc
M src/kudu/tablet/tablet_peer.h
M src/kudu/tablet/transactions/alter_schema_transaction.cc
M src/kudu/tablet/transactions/transaction_driver.cc
M src/kudu/tablet/transactions/transaction_driver.h
M src/kudu/tablet/transactions/transaction_tracker-test.cc
M src/kudu/tablet/transactions/write_transaction.cc
M src/kudu/tablet/transactions/write_transaction.h
M src/kudu/tserver/tablet_service.cc
M src/kudu/tserver/tablet_service.h
33 files changed, 264 insertions(+), 227 deletions(-)

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