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Change subject: WIP: [iwyu] first pass

Patch Set 11: -Verified

 > Thanks for banging on this some more, will be great to have with
 > the automated checking.  I only got through about 40%, but I saw a
 > lot of repeated patterns that are kind of suspicious.  Basically
 > most uses of the pragmas surprised me.  Are these pragmas
 > indicating issues with IWYU, or with our includes?  In particular
 > logging.h, port.h, and boost headers keep reappearing.

Thank you for taking a look at this.

The automated checking is coming -- I added the script to mute warnings for 
some files in a separate changelist and I'm planning to include it into a 
pre-commit build.  I just was hoping to remove as many files from the mute list 
as possible for now.

Yes, those pragmas manifest issues with IWYU -- it's still in alpha quality, if 
not lower.  The pattern with <glog/logging.h> is a re-occurring one, and there 
are many more like that.  And there are even worse ones, which breaks 
compilation.  The problem is that I don't know how to automate the process of 
straighten it up, and it requires a lot of manual intervention (that's why so 
much time is spent on that already).

The only hope is to try mappings for the boost headers -- that type of 
suggestions might be straighten up as documented.  As for <glog/logging.h> -- I 
tried a mapping with previous version of the IWYU tool, but no luck.

I'll add a link about the pragmas into the commit message, sure.

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