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Change subject: [thirdparty]: added include-what-you-use

Patch Set 3:

File thirdparty/

PS3, Line 55:   local URL_PREFIX=$3
            :   if [ -z "$URL_PREFIX" ]; then
            :   fi
> is this used?
It's no longer used: that's a remnant from the version where the source file 
was not uploaded into the cloudsource repo.

I'll remove it.

PS3, Line 264:   fetch_and_expand 
include-what-you-use-${IWYU_VERSION}.src.tar.gz \
             :     ${LLVM_SOURCE}/tools/clang/tools
> Right now updating LLVM involves extracting the LLVM tarball, adding clang 
Thank you for pointing that out.  Indeed -- this is kind of hackish way to 
achieve what I needed.

I think the former option (uploading a new LLVM tarball which would include 
IWYU) is my best bet in the short term.  The include-what-you-use source does 
not need to be updated every release of LLVM, it just needs to be compiled 
along with it.
File thirdparty/patches/llvm-iwyu-nocurses.patch:

> What does IWYU use curses for? What is the effect of removing it?
You could find more details at

It seems somehow they compile LlvmSupport lib with ncurses support, and when 
linking the include-what-you-use binary (which links LlvmSupport lib), it's 
necessary to add ncurses library for some symbols in LlvmSupport library itself.

However, I found that in our environment we don't need that (probably, because 
we don't use all bells and whistles).

But I might be some bug -- I haven't looked at that yet.  I will need to do 
that to continue with that pull request I submitted, though.
File thirdparty/

PS3, Line 148: IWYU_NAME=llvm-$LLVM_VERSION.src
> are these actually used, then?
Nope, it's not.  It seems it's not needed.

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