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Change subject: KUDU-2279 (part 2): metrics: only emit changed metrics in 
metrics log

Patch Set 2:


File src/kudu/server/server_base.cc:

PS2, Line 623: buf << "metrics " << GetCurrentTimeMicros() << " ";
The "metrics" string here is redundant for the metrics log. Plus, I think we 
should have each line of the metrics log be valid json, so there's one less 
step for a user to process it line-by-line. Can the time go into the metrics 

PS2, Line 630: opts.only_modified_since_epoch = prev_log_epoch + 1;
             :     int64_t this_log_epoch = Metric::current_epoch();
             :     Metric::IncrementEpoch();
If `Metric::current_epoch()` is initially 1, we actually jump epochs in 
`opts.only_modified_since_epoch` from 0 to 2. Besides, I think this code could 
be simpler and just set opts.only_modified_since_epoch to 
`Metric::current_epoch()` just before incrementing the current epoch.

File src/kudu/util/metrics-test.cc:

PS2, Line 330: bytes_seen = METRIC_reqs_pending
Mismatched names? Also, I'm weakly in favor of having canned metric names 
whenever the metric is fake or its identity is unimportant, like when testing 
metric subsystem internals. E.g. "test_counter" for counters.

PS2, Line 332: epoch_before_modify
This is the epoch of/containing the modification, not the epoch before.

PS2, Line 347: epoch_before_modify
This should be `new_epoch`.

File src/kudu/util/metrics.h:

PS2, Line 567: it's

PS2, Line 570: base::subtle::NoBarrier_Load(&m_epoch_)
Why use these atomics and not C++11 atomics? (Actual question, not 
review-demand-phrased-as-question :))

PS2, Line 595: auto cur = current_epoch();
             :     if (base::subtle::NoBarrier_Load(&m_epoch_) < cur) {
             :       base::subtle::NoBarrier_Store(&m_epoch_, cur);
             :     }
I think the following interleaving could happen here:

current epoch = 0 initially
Metrics log thread    T1                  T2
                      incr metric
                      cur = 0
log for >= epoch 0
                                            incr metric
                                            cur = 1
                                            TAS m_epoch_ = 1
                      TAS m_epoch_ = 0
log for >= epoch 1

so now we might fail to log the metric's new values in epoch 1, and only see 
values from epoch >= 2 if the metric changes again.

Are you accepting this risk to keep the metric lock-free? AFAIK to fix it 
requires a bona fide lock and not just atomic ops.

File src/kudu/util/metrics.cc:

PS2, Line 357: Metric::IncrementEpoch();
With this here we increment the epoch every time someone hits /metrics and we 
double increment the current epoch when we log metrics, both of which can cause 
the metrics logging to miss metrics history. I think we just want to increment 
the epoch in the metrics logging thread.

Also, for another patch, might be nice to expose an epoch parameter in 
/metrics, to enable incremental gathering by a collector that can remember its 

PS2, Line 499: 1
Can we start at 0?

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