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Change subject: [docs] Improvements to multi-master migration doc

Patch Set 1:

File docs/administration.adoc:
PS1, Line 215: WARNING: The workflow is unsafe for adding new masters to an 
existing multi-master configuration,
             : with the one exception that it can be used, with obvious 
modifications, to migrate from two masters
             : to a multi-master configuration. Do not use it to add masters to 
a multi-master configuration with
             : three or more masters.
The WARNING seems like an odd place to note that 2->3 migrations are okay. 
Maybe just change this to:

The workflow is unsafe for adding new masters to an existing configuration that 
already has three or more masters. Do not use it for that purpose.

And then separately explain 2->3?
PS1, Line 235: data
FWIW, "data" here was supposed to mean "all on-disk data" rather than just 
"Kudu data blocks". But I understand that not everyone may read it that way, so 
your clarification makes sense.
PS1, Line 236: it
Nit: they
PS1, Line 298:   following command sequence, which should be run as the Kudu 
UNIX user, typically `kudu`:
We already have a WARNING at the top of the workflow to run everything as the 
'kudu' user, so why note it on individual steps?

Alternatively, we could add "sudo -u kudu" to the beginning of every shell line 
if you think that would help.
PS1, Line 353: If your Kudu cluster is secure, in addition to running as the 
Kudu UNIX user (typically
             :   `kudu`), you must authenticate as the Kudu service user prior 
to running this command.
I think this would be more clear if broken up into two separate recommendations.

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