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Change subject: build: adjust the number of processors for various tests

Patch Set 1:

Commit Message:
PS1, Line 27: I used this as a rough guide to find tests
            : with inappropriate settings in CMakeLists.txt.
> What's the net effect of these changes? What can I expect if I run "ctest -
File CMakeLists.txt:
PS1, Line 699: #       a heavy consumer of CPU. The PROCESSORS flag allows 
ctest to ensure
> So the idea is that any test NOT tagged with PROCESSORS or RUN_SERIAL is a
assumption is it uses 1 core. will comment
File src/kudu/util/
PS1, Line 77:       const auto kInterval = MonoDelta::FromMilliseconds(500);
> How did you arrive at this particular interval value?
no particular reason... figured that a too-short value might over-estimate CPU 
consumption. If tests use a short burst of lots of CPU at startup or something 
it's not likely to cause other tests to fail. More concerned with if a test 
actually monopolizes cores for a reasonable amount of time
PS1, Line 78:       Stopwatch sw(Stopwatch::ALL_THREADS);
> What about the answers in
yea, I looked at that, but then the average across the entire test lifetime is 
not great.

I also measured things by editing locally to wrap the test run in 
'perf stat -e task-clock -I1000 -o ${LOGFILE}.stat' and ran all the tests. That 
actually measures subprocesses as well, but has the disadvantage it can't be 
used in dist-test (since perf is not available inside our docker containers). 
If you think that way is better I can revert this change and instead add it as 
an environment variable option in
PS1, Line 104:
> Nit: revert this?

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