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Change subject: KUDU-2322: don't spew logs about behind-log-GC follower

Patch Set 1:

File src/kudu/consensus/
PS1, Line 230:     VLOG_WITH_PREFIX_UNLOCKED(1) << s.ToString();
> Why is this demoted to VLOG instead of throttled? I've found this message u
All error messages from RequestForPeer() are printed (with throttle or not) 
within the RequestForPeer() method itself except for pure information message 
that a peer's queue is no longer in a leader mode, and I thought there is not 
much the reader can get out of that message anyway.
File src/kudu/consensus/
PS1, Line 652:         KLOG_EVERY_N_SECS_THROTTLER(INFO, 60, 
peer_copy.status_log_throttler, "logs_gced")
> Also, how does this work given that the throttler here is a member of the p
Right -- that was my concern as well.  However, I saw this construct is used 
elsewhere in the code (like at line 697), so I assumed it worked somehow.  All 
right, I'll take a second look at that.
PS1, Line 652:         KLOG_EVERY_N_SECS_THROTTLER(INFO, 60, 
peer_copy.status_log_throttler, "logs_gced")
> I'm a little bit concerned about not printing this message for every peer t
I thought the peer_copy.status_log_throttler takes care of the  per-peer part, 
but maybe I was wrong.

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