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Change subject: KUDU-2293 fix cleanup after failed copies

Patch Set 10:


File src/kudu/tserver/tablet_copy_client.cc:

PS10, Line 213:
> Hmm good question. I suppose the argument for not including it here is that
OK. So I our guarantees are the following, which we should document in the 
header file I think:
 - if we have made any changes to disk, we are no longer in kInitialized state 
(we'll be in kStarting or better)
 - if we are in kStarting state or higher then meta_ is guaranteed to be set, 
but meta_ may actually be set while still in kInitialized state

PS10, Line 325:     state_ = kStarting;
> Responded up there, but to add another point, that would mean that any time
Ah, good catch about the last_logged_opid. OK, let's leave it as-is.

PS10, Line 455: WARN_NOT_OK
> Hmm. I wouldn't be opposed to making this a CHECK. I made it WARN_NOT_OK()
OK, let's add a comment here to the following effect:

  // We warn instead of return early here upon load failure because even if the 
superblock protobuf was somehow corrupted, we still want to attempt to delete 
the tablet's data dir group and WAL segments.

PS10, Line 458:   fs_manager_->dd_manager()->DeleteDataDirGroup(tablet_id_);
> Ah, good callout. This was kind of hacky and more in-line with the invarian
OK, so we call TSTabletManager::DeleteTabletData() which calls 
TabletMetadata::DeleteTabletData() which calls DeleteDataDirGroup(tablet_id). 
What I think you're saying is that TabletMetadata::DeleteTabletData() reverts 
deletion of the data dir group if TabletMetadata::Flush() fails, so in order to 
counteract that revert we are preemptively deleting it so that it becomes 
impossible to revert in such a case. A couple questions for you:
1. What happens if we fail to remove that entry?
2. What happens if we remove that entry but not all of the blocks got deleted 
by Flush()?

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