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Change subject: WIP: KUDU-1889: support openssl 1.1

Patch Set 3:

File src/kudu/security/ca/
PS3, Line 345:   if (!req->req_info ||
> So is this safe to skip because sometime between 1.0.0 and 1.1.0, OpenSSL i
Whether or not it's safe is somewhat orthogonal: in OpenSSL 1.1 we can't access 
these fields anymore, so even if we should check them, we can't.

Anyway, these checks are still live for pre-1.1.0 OpenSSL. Or maybe I'm 
misunderstanding your question?
File src/kudu/security/
PS3, Line 114:   OPENSSL_init_ssl(0, nullptr);
> What happens if the user application is buggy as per the check below, has a
I'm just going off the manpages, but yeah, the call is expected to be 
idempotent. Notably, SSL_CTX_new() always returns not-null in 1.1 (because it 
implicitly initializes the library), so we can't use that as a test to see if 
someone else has initialized the library.

I didn't check the return value because I assumed that 
SCOPED_OPENSSL_NO_PENDING_ERRORS would surface any error, as it does for the 
various 1.0 initialization calls. I guess I could CHECK on it though.
PS3, Line 117:   // In case the user's thread has left some error around, clear 
             :   ERR_clear_error();
> I think it might be crucial to keep in on top, doing the clean-up even if g
Okay. But we can't do that for 1.1; the library must be initialized before any 
openssl error-related calls, otherwise we may leak memory.

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