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Change subject: Schema copy and move constructors/operators must copy 

Patch Set 3:

File src/kudu/common/
PS3, Line 153:   // Test both with and without column ids.
             :   vector<Schema> schemas = { Schema(cols, 1), Schema(cols, ids, 
1) };
             :   for (const auto& schema : schemas) {
Since these two are independent of one another, could you parameterize the test 
PS3, Line 173:       NO_FATALS(copied_schema.ToString()); // NOLINT(*)
Doesn't seem like NO_FATALS has any purpose here (or on L185).
File src/kudu/common/schema.h:
PS3, Line 302:   // compare types in Equals function
Only somewhat related, but could you name this enum to make it consistent with 
the new Schema::Equals treatment?
PS3, Line 760: const Schema &other
Nit: while you're here, "const Schema& other"
File src/kudu/common/
PS3, Line 196:       name_to_index_(/*bucket_count*/ 10,
Nit: stylistically, I don't think this change brings us closer to style 
adherence. From a sampling of "git grep '[a-z]\*/' src/", I see this style used 
primarily to 'hide' function arguments that aren't used.

As for '/*foo=*/f' vs. '/*foo=*/ f', we seem to favor the former over the 
  $ git grep '=\*/ ' src/ | wc -l
  $ git grep '=\*/[^ ]' src/ | wc -l

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