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Change subject: Add a ResultTracker class that will track server side results

Patch Set 3:

File src/kudu/rpc/

Line 40:   lock_guard<simple_spinlock> l(&lock_);
> no, the lock protects access to clients_ and to the ClientState that belong
I suspect it will be, as nearly every RPC will call CheckDuplicate(), no?

Line 78:       LOG(FATAL) << "Wrong state";
> the whole point is that we only call this once per RPC, if the caller got N
OK, could we at least log what the wrong state was?

Line 119:   ClientState* client_state = FindOrDie(clients_, client_id);
        :   CompletionRecord* completion_record = 
        :                                                   sequence_number);
> why? if we are responding to an RPC that is not being tracked then it's an 
Well, this goes back to the lack of documentation thing. :)

You're designing a module with "hard" boundaries. That is, if one of us misuses 
the ResultTracker, it crashes.

Without context and in isolation, I tend to assume new modules should have 
"soft" boundaries, where misuse leads to returned errors. And to be fair, there 
are advantages to soft boundaries: it's easier to test such a module in 

Anyway, there's nothing inherently wrong with hard boundaries, you just need to 
be very clear in the interface regarding what happens in the event of misuse.

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