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Change subject: No default partitioning blog post

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File _posts/2016-06-02-no-default-partitioning.md:

Line 15: partitioning behavior when creating new tables. The Kudu client will 
create a
> If you don't specify a partitioning configuration, the Kudu client prior to
I rewrote this to a large extent and incorporated some of your suggestions.

Line 23: the primary key is a better default, however even this is not a robust
> s/however... but this approach has its own draw-backs.

Line 24: all-around default. Hash-partitioning can have non-obvious performance
> s/non-obvious/surprising

Line 25: implications when scanning with predicates over primary key columns, 
and it's
> Do we need an example of 'scanning with predicates over primary key columns
I removed this entirely since it's a really minor side point, and probably just 
adds confusion

Line 28: Given that there is no bullet-proof default, and that changing the 
> s/Given that/Since

Line 29: configuration after table creation is impossible, and changing the 
> can you rewrite this so that the last part of the sentence is separate? The

Line 30: partitioning strategy is a backwards incompatible change, we have 
decided to
> Maybe link 'we have decided' to the Gerrit review where the discussion happ

Line 32: specify a partitioning configuration, or table creation will fail. It 
is still
> s/It is still possible/You can

Line 38: configuration should be quite straightforward. The examples below add 
> s/quite straightforward/simple

Line 39: partitioning, but it's also possible to specify range partitioning or a
> s/it's also possible/you can also

Line 43: 
> == C++ Client

Line 72: 
> Maybe make Impala a sibling heading with C++ Client and Java Client

Line 86
> Do we want to include anything about how to check your parallelism? Maybe p
I removed that section previously, but it really just comes down to the number 
of tablets you have, which is available via the normal web interface.

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