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Change subject: KUDU-1386 NaN float and double values are not handled correctly

Patch Set 1:

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File src/kudu/common/types.h:

Line 53:   NONCOMPARABLE = 12
> > I'm not following, why would you want NaNs to show up in a per-block min/
Hey guys, I was talking to Will about this and wanted to put in unsolicited my 
two cents if I could.  Feel free to tell me I'm out of my element :)

I like how Impala has treated NaN where any comparison returns false.  From a 
mathematical standpoint I think we could all agree, this makes the most sense, 
if you were writing a query to select all values >1 you would really scratch 
your head when NaNs showed up in your result set (0.0/0.0 > 1).  You would then 
spend some time looking at the documentation to figure out why they were there, 
if not just submit a support ticket with Cloudera (like some of my clients did 
with doubles showing rounding errors XD).  I could really see people/clients 
wanting NaN to be treated more like NULL.

At the same time Impala has another precedent I like: NULL is considered 
greater than all other values for sorting purposes. Would it be possible to 
have our cake and eat it too?  Where we sorted NaN for index purposes as 
greater than all values, just like Impala NULLs, but never evaluated NaN = NaN 
as true or returned NaNs where x > 1 (or x < 1)?

I'm not as familiar with the implementation of the indexing or operators and 
what kind of complexity this would add, I'm sure there would be some, but I 
think the complexity is worth the cost for being consistent with Impala, IEEE, 
what I would consider mathematically consistent, and with the behavior average 
users will expect.

If I were guessing how to implement, for doubles it might be as simple as when 
someone requests x > 1, that we always add NaN > x > 1.  If impala asks for 
is_nan either an equivalent operator or x > inf might work.  But I would 
definitely want to catch the case where 'NaN' = 'NaN' because for most users I 
presume if they have a query that evaluates to NaN on each side they do not 
want those values to ever match each other.  Technically letting infinities 
match is also not quite correct, but it's part of the IEEE standard (as I 
understand it) so the precedent for this is already out there.

I would also be ok with treating NaN as NULL and disallowing its presence in 
index columns if that is the 'keep it simple stupid' solution.  Should be 
pretty rare that NaNs are intentionally used, but I could definitely see them 
accidentally turning up and confusing clients when it doesn’t sort or compare 
as expected.

Thanks for reading.  Let me know if you would prefer to chat instead if 
anything isn't clear.

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