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Change subject: KUDU-1363: Add in-list predicates for extracting a set of 

Patch Set 7:

> The main reason for not using unordered_set was because the
 > collection would still be storing pointers instead of actual values
 > and I did not think I could get an O(1) lookup when i am searching
 > for a pointer-to-a-value in a set-of-pointers. PredicateData doesnt
 > know about the the type of the value and defers the comparison to
 > TypeInfo. As a result, PredicateData only holds void* or a
 > collection(vector) of void*.
 > The other (not so critical) reason I went with a vector vs an
 > unordered_set was because I do care about the order of the list
 > (which is sorted/deduped) when I push Upper/Lower bound key
 > predicates in key_util. I suppose, I could sort and pick the
 > min/max values from the collection in key_util itself instead of
 > using a vector. However, using a vector just made it convenient.

Your second point is a valid one; std::unordered_set would be inappropriate if 
you need to find lower/upper bounds often (I think this happens in the 
predicate pushdown code that I didn't review). But what about std::set? It's 
implemented by a red-black tree and so it'd still be more efficient than 

As to your first point, whichever container you use, you can pass a custom hash 
and equal_to (for unordered_set) or comparator (for set) that workers properly 
for KuduValue pointers. The implementation would dereference the pointer, 
dereference the private Data pointer inside it, and, using the definition of 
KuduValue::Data in value-internal.h, operate on the actual data.

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