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Change subject: Do not run (g)addr2line translator on MacOS X

Patch Set 1:


 > My understanding is that sanitizer-enabled Kudu builds on Mac OS
 > will report correct line numbers since they use LLVM's built-in
 > symbolizer, so translation is only actually missing on the
 > addresses emitted by a CHECK() or equivalent crash. Is this
 > correct?

Thank you for review!

I haven't tried to run sanitizer-enabled builds.  Yes, as I understand the 
translation is needed for crash-related stacktrace printouts.  Anyways, it 
seems safe to remove addr2line translator since it does no do much on MacOS X 
anyways, just takes some to run.
File build-support/

PS1, Line 139: UNAME=$(uname -s)
             :   if [ "$UNAME" = "Darwin" ]; then
> How about using the bash built-in $OSTYPE? I think we typically use that in

Line 143:     # into line number.  The atos utility is able to do that only if
> Nit: can you fix this line's formatting a bit? Looks like you can squeeze a
Sure -- actually, I found these lines were too long (more than 80 chars).  I'll 
make them shorter and more uniformly filled.

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