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Change subject: Add weekly update for 06/13

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File _posts/

Line 9: <!--more-->
> This is just general feedback. I hate these MORE links. Why hide all of the
I'm just copying what Todd did for the previous blog posts.

Line 11: If you find this post useful, please let us know by emailing the
> Do you really want emails that say "This post is useful"? I don't get it.
Ideally yes? :)

Line 19: * The IPMC vote for 0.9.0 RC1 passed and it is now
> and Kudu 0.9 is now officially released (not the vote).

Line 24: * Adar Dembo has been cleaning up and improving the Master process' 
code. Last week he
> Master process's code

Line 25:   [finished]( removing the 
per-tablet replica locations cache.
> last week he <link>removed</link> the per-tablet replica locations cache.
He didn't actually do it last week, but it was pushed last week. Does my 
wording makes more sense?

Line 27: * Alexey Serbin got his first contribution in last week by 
> contributed his first patch last week

Line 30: * Sameer Abhyankar has been working on adding "in-list" predicates and 
it's getting close to completion,
> Sameer is nearly finished adding support for "in-list" predicates...

Line 39: * Todd Lipcon presented Kudu at Berlin Buzzwords earlier this month, 
it was recorded and made available
> earlier this month. The recording is available available at <link>.
Done, but not doing the double "available" :)

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