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Change subject: docs: design for handling permanent master failures

Patch Set 2:

File docs/design-docs/

Line 62: something into Kudu itself.
what about a slight modification to the above:

- replace 'X' with a new machine 'Y', and give it the same CNAME (eg 
- add a new flag to the kudu-master which is 'kudu-master --join-existing':
-- this causes it to start up with no system tablet
-- run the RemoteBootstrapService on the masters (should be a small change)
-- existing consensus client code in theory will kick in here - the existing 
leader will ask the ConsensusService on the "empty" master to bootstrap a copy 
of the system tablet

It seems like this would reuse most of the machinery we already have, without 
requiring a config change, no?

Line 78: 2. Operators must also modify gflags on tservers when a master is 
replaced so
alternatively, could use cnames, right?

Line 125: 4. Make changes to kudu-admin to support the relevant new commands.
oh, this is more or less what I suggested above, but with the restriction that 
we make users use cnames (or /etc/hosts files or whatever) so that you don't 
need to rolling-restart the tservers or clients. I think this is a smart idea 
anyway to simplify client configuration.

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