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Change subject: thirdparty: add boost and switch to header-only build

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Line 18:    libstdc++, and libsasl, all of which should not be managed due to 
> and openssl, although the point still stands.
Right, though I explicitly omitted openssl because, at least for now, you 
really can't configure Kudu to use it.

PS1, Line 22: Some distros (e.g. SLES12) don't offer
            :    system packages
> The specific issue with SLES 12 (and I would assume the majority of the sma
Ah, I misread the blurb in installation.adoc. Will update.
File docs/contributing.adoc:

Line 151: We are in the process of removing all remaining `boost` dependencies 
from the
> We still have 'approved' boost libraries.  I would vote to keep the approve
I really was hoping to avoid introducing new Boost usage, so that we stand a 
chance of removing the whole thing some day.

Is your point that adding a new usage of e.g. boost::optional isn't a big deal 
because, if/when we do replace it, updating an additional call-site is no big 

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