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Change subject: Implement kudu::optional replacement for boost::optional

Patch Set 1:

> This is meant to completely replace our usage of boost::optional so it should 
> be net zero in terms of new code used vs. old code dropped, or even net 
> negative given that I don't think Mike reimplemented all of boost::optional. 
> Besides, you've been open to incorporating Chromium code in the past to 
> replace boost usage (e.g. Chromium callback/bind). Is this terribly different?

Well, the call sites are going to stay the same, but we're taking on a few 
hundred lines of this complicated C++ stuff that we had to write ourselves (and 
thus has a higher chance of bugs vs code taken from a mature project like 
Chromium). Callback/Bind specifically also supported the chromium refptrs which 
don't work so well with boost::bind (though if we decided to move towards 
shared_ptr and std::bind in the future I think that could be good).

The other cases where we have re-implemented something like this are primarily 
in synchronization where the benefit has been improved 
instrumentation/debuggability (like tracing integration for mutex acquisition 
time). I don't see any such possibilities with something like optional.

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