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Change subject: KUDU-763 consensus queue metrics on followers are messed up

KUDU-763 consensus queue metrics on followers are messed up

On non-leader tablet replicas, the majority_done_ops and in_progress_ops
metrics are wrong. The reason is that non-leaders do not update their
consensus queue's committed index (queue_state_.committed_index). This patch
hides these incorrect numbers in the web ui, where they were previously
exposed (I think unintentionally, the code having printed the queue when it
meant to print the state), and documents that the numbers are not meaningful
except in the leader case.

Ideally, the metric wouldn't be exposed at all for non-leaders, because it is
wrong, but I don't think there is a good method to say "give me all the
metrics except X, Y, Z" at present, or to register and unregister metrics
based on changes in runtime state.

As a bonus, the tablet's Raft role is now included on its /tablet page, I
fixed a typo in the web ui, the table name is on the /tablet page, and the
(RPC) port number is displayed with the ts hostname in a couple of tables (I
run multiple ts on my MBP and it helps me...may help others while developing
but prob not important for "real" deployments).

Change-Id: I9fb0d45f85786b9e2631b5dc0bf044a9d3192a39
M src/kudu/consensus/consensus_queue.cc
M src/kudu/consensus/raft_consensus.cc
M src/kudu/master/master-path-handlers.cc
M src/kudu/tserver/tserver-path-handlers.cc
4 files changed, 15 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

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