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Change subject: KUDU-1516 ksck should check for more raft-related status issues 

Patch Set 1:


is it possible to add an end-to-end test of this in ksck_remote-test too? Also, 
can you try running tihs against the master running on e1102 and verify that it 
sees that things are messed up? (would try myself but on a high-latency 
connection at the moment)
File src/kudu/tools/

Line 122:       // Ksck will catch the missing tablet replicas later.
i think a LOG(WARNING) is probably useful here (or I think there's some other 
way of adding warnings to ksck output)

Line 125:     return Status::OK();
nit: indentation

PS1, Line 516: }
if it's not running, can we Warn() here so you can see which server has the 
issue, and the state? maybe we can even get a status message from it?

PS1, Line 535: 2 
this is assuming replication count of 3, but it might be some other value. 
probably need to base this on the majority size of the committed configuration
File src/kudu/tools/

Line 66:       replica->set_running();
wouldn't it be more informative to actually store the state, rather than just 
the bool? ie it's useful for the user to see whether it's CORRUPT or 
NOT_STARTED or whatever

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