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Change subject: Integrate the result tracker with writes

Patch Set 25:


Just nits.
File src/kudu/tablet/transactions/

PS25, Line 210: it's
nit: its

PS25, Line 268: er.");
Any more info that we can add here?
File src/kudu/tablet/transactions/transaction_driver.h:

PS25, Line 124: client originated
nit: client-originated

PS25, Line 124: a
nit: remove

PS25, Line 149: to to 

PS25, Line 155: it's
nit: its

PS25, Line 156: requests
nit: request? same for the other "requests" on that line.

PS25, Line 157:  

PS25, Line 168: and
nit: remove that 'and'

PS25, Line 169: received
nit: receive

PS25, Line 176: request were
nit: either request should be plural or were should be was.

PS25, Line 302: drivers
nit: driver
File src/kudu/tablet/transactions/write_transaction.h:

PS25, Line 192: pointers to the rpc context, request and response, lifecyle
              :   // is managed by the rpc subsystem.
Since you're here, mind rewriting this sentence? Start with upper case, there's 
an odd "and" in the middle, and it is "is managed" when talking about multiple 

PS25, Line 194: Request
nit: 'request_'

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