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Change subject: master: do not delete unknown tablets

Patch Set 5:

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Line 7: master: do not delete unknown tablets
I wonder if we now need some tool to "reformat" a tablet server? or to insert a 
dummy "deleted table" or "deleted tablets" entry into the master? i.e what if 
for some reason we do end up with some unknown tablets that are being reported, 
and we want to delete them to reclaim the space. Right now we'd have to send 
manual delete_tablet RPCs to every server which sounds kind of complicated to 
script up.

Another option would be some kind of "automatically resurrect the tablet based 
on reports" or something?

(thinking about the case here where we have taken a backup of a master and roll 
back in time, for example).

(of course feel free to backlog this, just curious if we anticipate a support 
burden here)

Line 9: Quoting from the multi-master design doc:
nit: can you provide a link or source code path here?
File src/kudu/master/

PS5, Line 1546: INFO)
WARNING might be more appropriate here? or perhaps INFO if it's an incremental 
report, and WARNING if it's a full report? (since the latter indicates a 
persistent condition whereas the former might be a transient issue as in the 
race described above?)

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