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Change subject: doxygen for C++ client API

Patch Set 9:

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> One thing we should add to this (it can be a follow-up commit).
 > It needs to be integrated into and the web site
 > itself.

Yes, certainly -- I will add that integration is a follow-up commit.
File src/kudu/client/client.h:

> High level formatting questions:
1.  It's a purely stylistic change, it's not related to doxygen requirements at 
all.  So, if there is some sort of implicit rule of using just one space before 
starting a new sentence, I'll revert it back.

2.  The idea was to have a brief (i.e. one sentence) a method/class summary, so 
no period would be needed since after @brief message there should be an empty 
line.  However, for parameters and return values there is no guarantee the 
description is brief, because it's the only description around for those.  So, 
@brief would not be ended with a period, but @return and @param would.  If that 
seems to be an inconsistency, let's end @brief message with a period as well.

3. It's because some methods were treated correspondingly after I got feedback 
from Todd in the kudu-dev mailing list :)  I.e., I removed @brief comments 
which were almost one-to-one copy of the @return comments.  I'll take care of 
the rest of those simple getters leaving only @return comment.

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