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Change subject: Doxygen for C++ client API

Patch Set 12:


File src/kudu/client/client.h:

Line 469:   /// For each set of hash partitions added to the table, the total 
number of
s/table partitions/tablets

Line 472:   /// with 4 and 5 buckets respectively, the total number of table 
s/table partitions/tablets

Line 505:   /// call this method with an empty vector and set no split rows an 
no hash

Line 517:   /// If no range split rows are added, no range pre-splitting is 
Remove this sentence; it's not true anymore since it can be done via range 

Line 559:   /// Set the number of replicas for each tablet in the table.
Referring to tablets in this is probably going to cause confusion.  I think it 
would be better as:

Set the table replication factor.

Replicated tables can continue to read and write data while a majority of 
replicas are not failed.

Line 567:   /// Set the timeout for the operation.
s/operation/table creation operation/

Line 622: /// This class is also a factory for write operation for on the table.
s/for on/on

Line 675:   /// This method creates new instance of comparison predicate which
s/of/of a

Line 700:   /// @return The KuduClient object associated with the table.
add a note that the caller should not free the client.

Line 725: /// Create a new instance of alterer using 
s/of alterer/of a table alterer

Line 756:   /// Alter an existing column.
Add a note that the column may not be in the primary key.

Line 764:   /// Drops an existing column from the table.
Add a note that they column may not be in the primary key.

Line 771:   /// Set timeout for the alteration operation.
s/timeout/a timeout

Line 814: /// @brief This class represents an error which occurred in a given 
s/operation/write operation

Line 1065:   /// Apply the write operation in asynchronous mode.
s/asynchronous mode/asynchronously

Line 1089:   /// @return Operation result status. Particularly, returns a bad 
Returns a non-OK status if there...

Line 1287:   /// @copydoc KuduScanTokenBuilder::SetProjectedColumnIndexes()
It's not an issue if the rendered docs come out the same, but this method 
should be considered the 'primary' use of this method, whereas the kudu scan 
token builder is really just copying this API.

Line 1368:   /// @return Operation result status. Particularly, this method 
s/Particularly/In particular

Line 1493: /// @brief A partial scan limited to a single physical contiguous 
s/partital scan/scan descriptor

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