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Review request for mesos, Adam B and Joris Van Remoortere.

Repository: mesos


Jira: MESOS-2962

Slave fails with Abort stacktrace when DNS cannot resolve hostname

If the DNS cannot resolve the hostname for a slave node, we correctly return an 
Error object, but we then fail with a segfault.

This code adds a more user-friendly message and exits normally (with an 
For example, forcing `net::getIp()` to always return an Error, now causes the 
slave to exit like this:
$ ./bin/mesos-slave.sh --master=
WARNING: Logging before InitGoogleLogging() is written to STDERR
E0630 11:31:45.777465 1944417024 process.cpp:899] Could not obtain the IP 
address for stratos.local; the DNS service may not be able to resolve it: >>> 
Marco was here!!!

$ echo $?


  3rdparty/libprocess/src/process.cpp d99947c1598c43c47c88ef3e8038081855f0d1dc 

Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/36061/diff/


make check
and manual failing the DNS


Marco Massenzio

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