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This looks very thorough. Just some minor comments/nits around typos.

docs/scheduler_http_api.md (line 12)

    s/via one/via

docs/scheduler_http_api.md (line 14)

    Since we refer to this endpoint via name "/scheduler" in the rest of the 
document. Why not add this line at the end after the fully qualified URL :
    We would be referring to this endpoint by its suffix "/scheduler" in the 
rest of the document.

docs/scheduler_http_api.md (line 16)

    How about this :
    This endpoint accepts HTTP POST requests with data encoded as JSON 
(Content-Type: application/json) or binary protobuf (Content-Type: 
    The first request that a scheduler sends to “/scheduler” endpoint is called 
SUBSCRIBE and results in a streaming response (Transfer-Encoding: chunked). 
**Schedulers are expected to keep the subscription connection open as long as 
possible (barring errors in network, software, hardware etc.) and incrementally 
process the response** (NOTE: HTTP client libraries that can only parse the 
response after the connection is closed cannot be used). For the encoding used, 
please refer to “Events” section below.

docs/scheduler_http_api.md (line 19)

    s/In line with the HTTP standard, a "202 Accepted"/An "Accepted"
    s/response just/response

docs/scheduler_http_api.md (line 24)

    s/exact protobuf/protobuf

docs/scheduler_http_api.md (line 28)

    s/very first/first

docs/scheduler_http_api.md (line 30)

    How about this ?
    To subscribe with the master, the scheduler sends a HTTP POST request with 
encoded `SUBSCRIBE` message containing the required field FrameworkInfo. Note 
that if "subscribe.framework_info.id" is not set, Master considers the 
scheduler as a new one and subscribes it by assigning a FrameworkID. The HTTP 
response is a stream with RecordIO encoding, with the first event being 
`SUBSCRIBED` event (see details in **Events** section).

docs/scheduler_http_api.md (line 72)

    s/with the same FrameworkID/containing the same

docs/scheduler_http_api.md (line 76)

    s/a HTTP 4xx response/, a HTTP 4xx response

docs/scheduler_http_api.md (line 78)

    s/result in/result in a
    s/"403 Forbidden" response instead of "202 Accepted" response/"403 
Forbidden" instead of "202 Accepted" response
    s/“400 Bad Request”/"400 Bad Request" response

docs/scheduler_http_api.md (line 81)

    How about:
    When Mesos receives this request, it will shut down all executors (and 
consequently kill tasks) and remove persistent volumes (if requested). The 
framework is then removed and all open connections from this scheduler to the 
Master are closed.

docs/scheduler_http_api.md (line 97)

    The other example don't have this line. Can we add this to the other 
example call except Subscribe too ?

docs/scheduler_http_api.md (line 156)

    How about :
    Sent by the scheduler to remove any/all filters that it has previously set 
via `ACCEPT` or `DECLINE` calls.

docs/scheduler_http_api.md (line 224)

    Kill "Note:uuid is needed to send an acknowledgement" as it is redundant.

docs/scheduler_http_api.md (line 249)

    s/status of a list of/status of

docs/scheduler_http_api.md (line 333)

    s/Very first event/The first event

docs/scheduler_http_api.md (line 373)

    Sent by the master whenever there is a status update that is generated by 
the executor, slave or master.

docs/scheduler_http_api.md (line 414)

    Note that there is no guaranteed order between the `FAILURE`, `UPDATE` and 
`RESCIND` events.

docs/scheduler_http_api.md (line 444)

    s/This will also help/This also helps

docs/scheduler_http_api.md (line 472)

    s/for any HTTP/to any HTTP

docs/scheduler_http_api.md (line 521)

    s/of a cluster/for a cluster

- Anand Mazumdar

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