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Review request for mesos and Vinod Kone.

Bugs: MESOS-3851

Repository: mesos


Previously, we did not `link` against the executor `PID` while 
(re)-registering. This might lead to libprocess creating ephemeral sockets 
everytime a `send(...)` was invoked. This was leading to races where messages 
might appear on the Executor out of order. This change does a `link(...)` on 
the executor PID to ensure ordered message delivery.

---Not to be included in commit message---
I am still not comfortable bringing back the reverted commit 
https://reviews.apache.org/r/40107/ . I can see one more race condition even 
with a `link(...)`. We can still have messages coming out of order when the 
first socket fails after sending the first message when still in flight. A new 
socket gets created when we send the second message now, which might arrive 
earlier then the first message leading to a race. But, this is a behavior that 
is heavily relied upon elsewhere in our code-base. Happy to be proven wrong 
though and be convinced that we can bring back the reverted commit now after 
this change.


  src/slave/slave.cpp 9055f2a789cb19f3579c15a379ea505dfef0578c 

Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/40660/diff/


make check


Anand Mazumdar

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