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docs/executor-http-api.md (line 14)

    put 4 spaces so that you get a shaded block around this. see 
https://github.com/apache/mesos/blob/master/docs/scheduler-http-api.md for 

docs/executor-http-api.md (line 30)


docs/executor-http-api.md (line 31)

    "The executor is expected to keep running...". This sentence should be at 
the top of these two sub points. Also, the executor should keep running only if 
checkpointing is enabled right?
    "These status update messages...". How about:
    "The executor is expected to keep track of status updates not acknowledged 
by the agent via the ACKNOWLEDGE events."

docs/executor-http-api.md (line 32)

    there should be no network intermediaries between an agent and an executor!
    can you just re-use the comment in exec.cpp above `tasks` map instead?

docs/executor-http-api.md (lines 52 - 70)

    looking at just the JSON, it's not very clear that `tasks` and `updates` 
correspond to unacknowledged tasks and updates. we should probably rename these 
fields as `unacknowledged_tasks` and `unacknowledged_updates`. what do you 

docs/executor-http-api.md (line 131)

    Is the retry by executor necessary? The current driver doesn't do retries 
for example. Are you anticipating a scenario where the executor is connected 
but messages are lost?

docs/executor-http-api.md (line 171)

    s/message to the executor/message to the scheduler/

docs/executor-http-api.md (line 211)


docs/executor-http-api.md (line 247)

    s/the resources/the task resources/

docs/executor-http-api.md (line 278)

    Mention that `data` is raw bytes encoded in Base64?

docs/executor-http-api.md (line 293)

    Also mention that TASK_LOST updates will be sent by the slave for any 
active tasks.

docs/executor-http-api.md (lines 332 - 333)

    didn't we agree to rename these?

docs/executor-http-api.md (line 335)

    s/all agent/all the agent's/

docs/executor-http-api.md (line 343)

    what's the relation between MESOS_RETRY_INTERVAL_MAX and the duration after 
which the agent deems recovery process complete (EXECUTOR_REREGISTER_TIMEOUT)? 
AFAICT, currently the former is set to 15 min and the latter is 2s.

docs/executor-http-api.md (line 350)

    s/then kill/then forcefully kill/
    s/in forcefully/in/

- Vinod Kone

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> Description
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> This is an initial draft for the user doc of Executor HTTP API. Some details 
> might change due to the pending executor library review chain: 
> https://reviews.apache.org/r/41275
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