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(Updated Jan. 12, 2016, 10:06 p.m.)

Review request for mesos and Ben Mahler.

Summary (updated)

Added flags to set size of completed task/framework history.

Bugs: MESOS-3307

Repository: mesos


The default size of the buffers used to hold the state of completed
tasks/frameworks is very large. However, many frameworks don't care much
about this information when requesting a master's state. Moreover, if a
large number of frameworks request this state simultaneously, the
master can quickly become overwhelmed because the process of generating
this state both blocks the master and takes up a lot of cycles. By
allowing the master to configure the size of the buffers used to hold
this state, we give it the power to significantly reduce the amount of
state it needs to maintain.

This change allows the master to limit the size of this state via
command line flags.

This commit is based on a pull request generated by Felix Bechstein at:

Review: https://reviews.apache.org/r/42053


  src/master/constants.hpp ebab341e58035d4b579828add752c1ee37efeb95 
  src/master/constants.cpp 77dd31430776e4f24e6e074c1470edcb19e58449 
  src/master/flags.hpp d923b1b0444d7e9023f1db4cbc4f7d4b84c20ff5 
  src/master/flags.cpp 88909590ff421421659e6faac7f3444bdc57b630 
  src/master/master.hpp f02d165874fa8023675e545793de699aeecae29b 
  src/master/master.cpp 5268408fc63a28afabc27cba96d3ecb360608a65 

Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/42053/diff/


On Darwin I launched a master with:

./bin/mesos-master.sh --ip= --work_dir=/var/lib/mesos 
--max_completed_tasks_per_framework=2 --max_completed_frameworks=1

and a slave with:

./bin/mesos-slave.sh --master=

and then ran a bunch of instances of:

./src/test-framework --master=

each of which runs 5 tasks to completion

I then ran:

curl http://localhost:5050/tasks

and verified that only 1 framework and 2 of its completed tasks were given back 
to me in the json that was returned.  I repeated this for a number of other 
configurations with max_completed_frameworks=0..2 and 
max_completed_tasks_per_framework=0..5 and verified visually that the proper 
number of tasks/frameworks were being returned by the /tasks endpoint.


Kevin Klues

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