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(Updated March 24, 2016, 8:30 p.m.)

Review request for mesos, Adam B, Ben Mahler, and Joerg Schad.

Bugs: MESOS-4956

Repository: mesos


The `Files` constructor was modified to accept an `Option<string>& 
authenticationRealm`, allowing the master or agent to set the authentication 
realm during initialization. The master/agent test helpers were modified to 
pass the appropriate authentication realm to `Files`, and the GC tests were 
modified to authenticate when hitting the 'files/browse' endpoint.

Diffs (updated)

  src/files/files.hpp 7b65a0a4fbc591fdf22b6f88d6c74034bd8ab599 
  src/files/files.cpp 39021677389d7d0ed8bfd55f128d33041ed59522 
  src/master/main.cpp 61210d9f275d4073967c3468179307cf09e88551 
  src/slave/main.cpp 33a1af84aeb079224b15e92caf97bcf081ea4646 
  src/tests/cluster.hpp 06424dd741aed2261a926429bb0fc7dea141c11b 
  src/tests/gc_tests.cpp 42059b2d6544f360cdc9230fe6ed33a11a15bc50 
  src/tests/mesos.hpp aaef158e5784ce077ef60996ebbeb77b356b7c57 
  src/tests/mesos.cpp 543b2a7f3d1a4da28a5901fb238285cea6778c2b 

Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/45248/diff/


`sudo make check` was used to test on OSX and CentOS 7.

The master and agent binaries were run both with and without HTTP 
authentication, and tested for the expected behavior at the `/files/*` 


Greg Mann

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