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(Updated March 30, 2016, 2:03 a.m.)

Review request for mesos, Joseph Wu and Vinod Kone.


Review comments from Joseph

Bugs: MESOS-3976

Repository: mesos


This fixes the scheduler library to properly set the scheme
as `https` if SSL is enabled. If not, default to `http` as
is the case now. Would follow up with a similar change for the 
executor library.

Diffs (updated)

  src/scheduler/scheduler.cpp 13972449363b633f21ddec7649b1b170703c773a 

Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/45435/diff/


make check

Used the command scheduler to verify requests are made via HTTPS. Adding tests 
for this would be handled as part of MESOS-3753.

GLOG_v=1 SSL_CERT_FILE=/home/faceoff/work/mesos-priv/build/cert.pem 
SSL_KEY_FILE=/home/faceoff/work/mesos-priv/build/key.pem SSL_ENABLED=1 
./src/mesos-execute --command="sleep 1" --master= --name=task1
Enter PEM pass phrase:
WARNING: Logging before InitGoogleLogging() is written to STDERR
I0329 10:33:02.122915 28647 process.cpp:986] libprocess is initialized on for 8 cpus
I0329 10:33:02.125663 28663 logging.cpp:195] Logging to STDERR
I0329 10:33:02.125758 28663 scheduler.cpp:172] Version: 0.29.0
I0329 10:33:02.131425 28667 scheduler.cpp:449] New master detected at 
I0329 10:33:02.168808 28664 scheduler.cpp:338] Connected with the master at
I0329 10:33:02.170920 28669 scheduler.cpp:231] Sending SUBSCRIBE call to
I0329 10:33:02.225026 28670 scheduler.cpp:640] Enqueuing event SUBSCRIBED 
received from
Subscribed with ID 'c4347d67-05d4-4458-994d-043c25189236-0001
I0329 10:33:02.225764 28663 scheduler.cpp:640] Enqueuing event HEARTBEAT 
received from
I0329 10:33:02.226172 28665 scheduler.cpp:640] Enqueuing event OFFERS received 
I0329 10:33:02.226687 28664 resources.cpp:574] Parsing resources as JSON 
failed: cpus:1;mem:128
Trying semicolon-delimited string format instead
task task1 submitted to agent fac82f38-c437-4058-b3e1-ce664070611b-S0
I0329 10:33:02.227926 28670 scheduler.cpp:231] Sending ACCEPT call to
I0329 10:33:02.362051 28667 scheduler.cpp:640] Enqueuing event UPDATE received 
Received status update TASK_RUNNING for task task1
I0329 10:33:02.362877 28663 scheduler.cpp:231] Sending ACKNOWLEDGE call to
I0329 10:33:03.378164 28669 scheduler.cpp:640] Enqueuing event UPDATE received 
Received status update TASK_FINISHED for task task1
I0329 10:33:03.379533 28663 scheduler.cpp:231] Sending ACKNOWLEDGE call to


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