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Review request for mesos and Benno Evers.

Bugs: MESOS-10038

Repository: mesos


This patch wires up the agent executor socket to handle calls for
`/api/v1` and `/api/v1/executor` so executors can use domain sockets to
communicate with the agent; executors use the latter to subscribe with
the agent and the former to e.g., launch containers.

Note that with this patch we now expose the full operator API over the
agent's domain socket.


  src/slave/slave.hpp 77b5bc0082c6bb73fbd48a2ebe812629921645cb 
  src/slave/slave.cpp 3839a120446339fea8aa857f431a2dba28ed4002 

Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/71854/diff/1/


In both an SSL and non-SSL setup `make check` and also with tested with 
`LinuxFilesystemIsolatorMesosTest.ROOT_DomainSocketVariable` added earlier in 
this chain. The Mesos test harness with authenticate and authorize in SSL 
builds and permit all requests in non-SSL builds.


Benjamin Bannier

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