cloud-fan commented on code in PR #40385:

@@ -119,17 +155,40 @@ object ExplainUtils extends AdaptiveSparkPlanHelper {
    * @param plan Input query plan to process
    * @param startOperatorID The start value of operation id. The subsequent 
operations will be
    *                        assigned higher value.
+   * @param visited A unique set of operators visited by generateOperatorIds. 
The set is scoped
+   *                at the callsite function processPlan. It serves two 
purpose: Firstly, it is
+   *                used to avoid accidentally overwriting existing IDs that 
were generated in
+   *                the same processPlan call. Secondly, it is used to allow 
for intentional ID
+   *                overwriting as part of SPARK-42753 where an Adaptively 
Optimized Out Exchange
+   *                and its subtree may contain IDs that were generated in a 
previous AQE
+   *                iteration's processPlan call which would result in 
incorrect IDs.
+   * @param reusedExchanges A unique set of ReusedExchange nodes visited which 
will be used to
+   *                        idenitfy adaptively optimized out exchanges in 
+   * @param addReusedExchanges Whether to add ReusedExchange nodes to 
reusedExchanges set. We set it
+   *                           to false to avoid processing more nested 
ReusedExchanges nodes in the
+   *                           subtree of an Adpatively Optimized Out Exchange.
    * @return The last generated operation id for this input plan. This is to 
ensure we always
    *         assign incrementing unique id to each operator.
-  private def generateOperatorIDs(plan: QueryPlan[_], startOperatorID: Int): 
Int = {
+  private def generateOperatorIDs(
+      plan: QueryPlan[_],
+      startOperatorID: Int,
+      visited: Set[QueryPlan[_]],
+      reusedExchanges: ArrayBuffer[ReusedExchangeExec],
+      addReusedExchanges: Boolean): Int = {
     var currentOperationID = startOperatorID
     // Skip the subqueries as they are not printed as part of main query block.
     if (plan.isInstanceOf[BaseSubqueryExec]) {
       return currentOperationID
-    def setOpId(plan: QueryPlan[_]): Unit = if 
(plan.getTagValue(QueryPlan.OP_ID_TAG).isEmpty) {

Review Comment:
   we don't need `QueryPlan.OP_ID_TAG` anymore?

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