peter-toth opened a new pull request, #40488:

   ### What changes were proposed in this pull request?
   This PR proposes to replace `EquivalentExpressions` to a simple mutable map 
in `PhysicalAggregation`, the only place where 
`EquivalentExpressions.addExpr()` is used. `EquivalentExpressions` is useful 
for common subexpression elimination but in `PhysicalAggregation` it is used 
only to deduplicate whole expressions which can be easily done with a simple 
   ### Why are the changes needed?
   `EquivalentExpressions.addExpr()` is not guarded by `supportedExpression()` 
which can cause inconsistent results when used together with 
`EquivalentExpressions.getExprState()`, but this PR also proposes replacing 
`.addExpr()` with other alternatives as its boolean result is a bit 
counter-intuitive to other collections' `.add()` methods. It returns `false` if 
the expression was missing and either adds the expression or not depending on 
if the expression is deterministic.
   After this PR we no longer use `EquivalentExpressions.addExpr()` so it can 
be deprecated or even removed...
   ### Does this PR introduce _any_ user-facing change?
   ### How was this patch tested?
   Added new UTs from @rednaxelafx's PR: Please note that new UTs actually 
pass after, but they are added here 
to make sure there will be no regression in the future.

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