peter-toth commented on code in PR #40488:

@@ -296,12 +298,17 @@ object PhysicalAggregation {
       // build a set of semantically distinct aggregate expressions and 
re-write expressions so
       // that they reference the single copy of the aggregate function which 
actually gets computed.
       // Non-deterministic aggregate expressions are not deduplicated.
-      val equivalentAggregateExpressions = new EquivalentExpressions
+      val equivalentAggregateExpressions = mutable.Map.empty[Expression, 
       val aggregateExpressions = resultExpressions.flatMap { expr =>
         expr.collect {
-          // addExpr() always returns false for non-deterministic expressions 
and do not add them.
           case a
-            if AggregateExpression.isAggregate(a) && 
!equivalentAggregateExpressions.addExpr(a) =>

Review Comment:
   Besides the above, although `.addExpr()` fits here well and does the job, 
isn't it a bit weird that an add-like method of a collection-like object 
doesn't return `true` when an item added, but actually it flips the meaning of 
the return value? If it was used at multiple places then I would keep it, but 
we use it only here. Maybe I'm just nitpicking...
   Anyways, I'm ok with too.

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