HyukjinKwon commented on a change in pull request #24095: [SPARK-27163][PYTHON] 
Cleanup and consolidate Pandas UDF functionality
URL: https://github.com/apache/spark/pull/24095#discussion_r265810573

 File path: python/pyspark/serializers.py
 @@ -352,28 +364,17 @@ def dump_stream(self, iterator, stream):
         Make ArrowRecordBatches from Pandas Series and serialize. Input is a 
single series or
         a list of series accompanied by an optional pyarrow type to coerce the 
data to.
-        import pyarrow as pa
-        writer = None
-        try:
-            for series in iterator:
-                batch = _create_batch(series, self._timezone, self._safecheck,
-                                      self._assign_cols_by_name)
-                if writer is None:
-                    write_int(SpecialLengths.START_ARROW_STREAM, stream)
-                    writer = pa.RecordBatchStreamWriter(stream, batch.schema)
-                writer.write_batch(batch)
-        finally:
-            if writer is not None:
-                writer.close()
+        batches = (_create_batch(series, self._timezone, self._safecheck, 
+                   for series in iterator)
 Review comment:
   Hm ... @BryanCutler, seems `_init_dump_stream` was added to handle 
`write_int(SpecialLengths.START_ARROW_STREAM, stream)` this case alone TBH. 
Could we just only pull out `write_int(SpecialLengths.START_ARROW_STREAM, 
stream)` into here and remove `_init_dump_stream` to make this logic isolated 
   It looks tricky to do it since it's all generators. I thought we could at 
least do something like:
           batches = (_create_batch(series, self._timezone, self._safecheck, 
                      for series in iterator)
           def arrow_start_written_batches():
               should_write_start_length = True
               for batch in batches:
                   if should_write_start_length:
                       write_int(SpecialLengths.START_ARROW_STREAM, stream)
                       should_write_start_length = False
                   yield batch
self).dump_stream(arrow_start_written_batches(), stream)

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