Im trying to make a method return a different value when called with 
different parameter. I have read that .Repeat.once() was pretty much the 
only way to do this. But, when i try it, i get "requires a return value or 
an exception to throw" even though my previous method actually work and 
returns a value.

Here is my code

 BaseManager.IsMockDatabaseMode = true;
            _anomalieManager = 
            _configurationManager = 
            _itineraireManager = 
            manager = new SynchroManager(_anomalieManager, 
_configurationManager, _itineraireManager);

        public void SynchronizeFlights_Success()
            _configurationManager.Stub(p => 
p.AppSettings.Get(Arg<string>.Matches(i => i == 
            _configurationManager.Stub(a => 
a.AppSettings.Get(Arg<string>.Matches(s => s == 

Any help would be appreciated

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