Hi all,

In our system we have default implementation of querying the data from riak 
using “pagination”.
For some of the queries, with huge number of resulting records (into the tunes 
of 10,000+) , it is becoming an issue and hence we wanted to change it to use 
“cursorMark” as suggested here : 

While using cursorMark,

-          It asks for unique key in the sort field. We didn’t have a unique 
key of our own so wanted to use “_yz_rk”  but It gives error mentioned below.

-          Query is accepted when sort parameter is changed to use “_yz_id” 
instead but  It gives redundant / duplicate records. It is probably a known 
issue as mentioned 
here<https://docs.basho.com/riak/kv/2.1.4/developing/usage/search/> ( 
Pagination Warning). Solution recommended is to use { _yz_rt asc, _yz_rb asc, 
_yz_rk asc } instead but for each of them query is returning the following 
error :

                "error":{"msg":"Cursor functionality requires a sort containing 
a uniqueKey field tie breaker","code":400}

Can somebody please share some suggestions on this.


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