According to the documentation at

"A query covering more than a certain number of quanta (5 by default) will 
generate the error too_many_subqueries and the query system will refuse to run 
it. Assuming a default quantum of 15 minutes, the maximum query time range is 
75 minutes."

However, the example shows a table of quantum 15 seconds. After the example:

"The maximum time range we can query is 60s, anything beyond will fail."

....which seems to contradict the first assertion.

Furthermore, I have been getting inconsistant behavior using the quantum. 

I have a code snippet placed here, demonstrating this behavior:

In this example, I set up two tables, one with a quantum of 6 hours, another 
with a quantum of 12 days.
I am using the default range (5) on my cluster.

A query spanning 5 quantum partitions is allowed on the 6 hour table, a query 
spanning 5 quantum partitions
on the 12 day table fails with the 'too many subqueries' error.

Are the number of allowed subqueries different depending on the quantum size? 

If so, is there more detailed documentation on the subject?


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