Another source of information for the FullProf Suite can be found in the 
documentation and exercises of the annual FullProf School. The documents of the 
last edition are available here:

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Dear Jim,

All updates of the FullProf Suite are commented in the "news" that you can find 
at or in the fp2k.inf 
file that is saved in the folder C:\FullProf_Suite\Docs when you install the 
program on your computer (you can also find the FullProf manual version 2001 
file in this folder).
These "news" serve as a completement and updated version of the FullProf manual 
version 2001 you have received.

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Ok, several people have been kind enough to sent me a copy of the manual that 
says it's "Version July2001"; Is this the current version?




I'm looking for a copy of the technical manual for FullProf.  The link on their 
website doesn't work.  Can someone send me a copy for the current version (or 
fix the link)?



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