Dear colleagues and friends,

I hope that this message finds you well. I’d appreciate much that you can
spend a few minutes to read this message, which is very important to me and
Asian Americans.

I went to the “Stop Asian Hate” event yesterday to mourn the victims
slaughtered by a cold-blooded murderer and protested the unjustified hate
to the Asian Americans. I was really shocked by the fact that so many
people had awful experiences as I had. I feel extremely upset and worried.
After the attack that I encountered (see details below), I thought a lot
about what I should do and carry to protect myself. I decided to carry a
whistle from that day on. I learned yesterday from a friend that a body
camera is a smarter choice so I ordered one immediately. The streets and
subway could be death traps. I need to be prepared.

I do not understand why some people hate Asian people so much for no
reason. Similar things have happened to Jewish, African American, and other
ethnic groups. People tend to forget about it!

To the people who want me to leave this country, I’d like to say that no,
this is my country.

I tried to forget the very unpleasant experience that I encountered. It is
why I deleted the email exchanges with the university police and my
department administration. The killing in Atlanta wakes me up. I should
share my story again in order to warn people who may become victims in

This happened in January a day or two before the new presidency took place.
I walked towards Washington Square Park and crossed the street on the
opposite side of the Law School. A young fellow in his 20s with a red hat
approached me and wanted to give me a flyer. When I shook my head for a No,
he began to shout out loud at me with nasty languages including f###, go
back to China, communist etc. I was shocked for a moment and wanted to talk
back but with the mask and also keeping a distance from an unmasked man, I
stood there silently for a few minutes. A few bystanders watched the whole
event some meters away. One of them comforted me after I fled. Now I
recalled after the Atlanta shooting that this man signaled his hand like a
gun towards me. If he had a real gun, I would be a dead man like the eight
innocent victims. At that moment I did remember to use the NYU Safety app
and took his photo and sent it to the NYU police. Unfortunately, I had
never experienced such a thing before and was so shocked that I left the
scene before the university police arrived. Later they sent me an email to
comfort me and mentioned their action after seeing my message. I replied
and explained more details about what has happened and forwarded the
message to my department administration. Indeed, it took me a long time to
recover physically and mentally from the incident. It was hard not to think
about it. Why did a stranger attack me for no reason? After so many recent
events including bullying, pushing, beating, and finally killing senior,
female, and teen Asian Americans, I do not feel safe anymore either walking
on the streets or taking the subway. I do hope my whistle and body camera
could help, although I wish that I do not need them at all in my life. I
have a family that depends on me and I could not imagine anything like this
happen to me again or them. May god be with us and protect us from such
harm and hatred!

Thank you for reading.

Best to you all!

Chunhua Tony Hu, Ph.D.
New York University, Department of Chemistry
357A Brown Building, 29 Washington Place
Phone: 212-998-8769 (office)
Email: <>

Chunhua Tony Hu, Ph.D.
New York University, Department of Chemistry
357A Brown Building, 29 Washington Place
Phone: 212-998-8769 (office)
Email: <>
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